How to create a website ?

Wether you are new to web design or just want to refresh you knowledge, you’ve come to the right place

Choosing your host

What is a Web Host ? Web hosts is a companie that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center.

What is a Domain ? A domain is a name that points to a given IP address, example is (The latter will show a warning because our SSL certificate will no recognise it). Replacing with will lead you to the same website. When you buy a domain to an organism, your registrar registers it at every major internet nodes so that writing the name resolves to the IP address.

How does these two come together ? Your Webhost will provide you with a website that will be accessible over then internet at a given IP address. Then you configure your domain to resolve to your website IP adress and you’re online !


Settle for the Best

When it comes to building websites, your host will be your foundations. A proper host should provide you with enough services that you cannot run out of possibility during your design, some of these requirement are :

  1.  Storage space : It can be either HDD or SSD. SSD are significantly faster than HDD devices because they don’t have mechanical moving parts.
  2.  Bandwidth : As your website will grow, you don’t want to reach a bottle neck to your business because your host is limiting your traffic.
  3.  Variety of Apps : At first a WordPress website could be what you are looking for, however in the long run you could want to use something else. Your web host sould have a variety of apps to fit your future needs.
  4. Combined domain and Web host : This is not a necessity but can make things a lot easier because you can manage all of your website from the very same place.

Here at Dynasty Hoster, we offers all of these in our Hosting Plans. The next sections of this quick started guide will suppose that you chose us as your web host and/or domain registrar.

Getting Online, Part I : Registration

At Dynasty Hoster, we offers many plans to get you online in minutes.

  • Business : From personal blogs to small sized professional websites. Recommended for new websites.
  • Silver : Mid-sized website with an established fanbase. Recommended for most websites.
  • Gold : Large website with a large audience. Recommended for large websites.

All of our plans offers a free domain at sign-up. 

One you have choosen a hosting plan, you can register for it on our Hosting Plans page :

  1. You choose your plan and click on Buy Now button
  2. You select your product on the page that appears and your billing plan (montly/yearly), yearly is recommended as you get your free domain.
    And click on Order Now.
  3. In the next dialog you have to select register a new domain and replace DomainName by the domain name you want (not case sensitive).
    Register a domain dialog

    Register a domain dialog

  4. If the domain is available, you can place your order by clicking on Order Now.
  5. On the next page you will be required to register in order to proceed to payment and receive login details by email.
  6. Once you have filled all of the fields, click register but don’t close the window/tab.
  7. Check your email account for incoming mail from us, if you don’t receive it within 10 minutes, check your spam folder. Inside the email there will be a confirmation link. Clink on the link to confirm your email.
    Email Confirmation Window

    Email Confirmation Window

  8. You can go back to the window/tab where you registered and login :
    Login at checkout

    Login at checkout

  9. Now that your are logged in, you can continue your purchase through our payment gateway by clicking on checkout  (for security reasons, we only support PayPal).
  10. Once your payement is done, you’ll receive an email with your login details.
  11. To access your Website control panel, login to your account, goto services and click on the corresponding order that you just completed.
  12. You can access your website cPanel by clicking on Jump to cPanel.
  13. You are now ready to run your website

In our next tutorial, we’ll setup a WordPress website example.

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